PWNAGE TEAM 2451 revisited our 2013 WCD 8WD Drivetrain and made it lighter, simplier, lower cost while implementing ideas inspired by other teams. Refining our 2013 design we retained large bore bearings and wheels with large integrated axles to reduce drivetrain losses. External chain allows for easy repairs. WCP tensioning cams were added to improve tensioning reliability. Hex bolts for bearing block fastening on the outer side replace allen head bolts on both sides. Custom chain sprockets were replaced with COTS Vex components. Weight of wheels were reduced. Latched bumper mounts are inspired by Team 254. 3 CIM custom gearbox direct drives central lowered wheels so loss of chain does not disable robot. Front wheels are raised .25" allowing six wheels to contact carpet for superior grip and stability during high speed maneuvers.