42mm OD/30mm ID large bore bearings are used to reduce rolling resistance. A light weight bearing block with inner bearing ring spacers utilize both bearings during thrust loading. Rim and axle are integrated into a single unit with a hex machined for mounting a Vex sprocket. Poodles rings retain Vex sprockets with 630lbs of thrust load per ring. Nitrile tread increases grip and is riveted to rim.

For my curiosity, can you explain the reason behind this? Is it something to do with a larger shaft/bore surface area to spread the load over, or more rolling elements in the bearing, or something else?


I imagine it has a lot to do with maintenance as well. The wheel, shaft, and spacers are all one part now. Not to mention, it looks incredible.

This is so cool.

Do you have an estimate of how much?

I’m curious why you decided to make the end of the shaft bore a hemisphere as opposed to a flat-ish end.

How does having the wheel like this improve maintenance over the current WCD set up?