pic: 8WD Mockup Chasis

This is part of the FRC Team 537 preseason project of designing an 8 wheel drive shifting drivetrain. It features a built in supershifter with a 4.73fps low gear and 12.11fps high gear. The two internal wheels are gear driven to prevent any problems with chain or belt.

You might want to add a pair of cross supports in the top middle. I see you have one in the middle bottom but I’m not sure if that would be enough.

I like the design. But, I believe the front and rear wheels will neen a bit more support than just air!
Now, if you have solved the problem of dynamic force fields, then just forget my last comment. The reason I say that is that if you are doing dynamic force fields, you can also be doing transparent aluminum.

Is that COTS?

Only in the USA.


what size are the wheels?

Please tell me I’m not the only person that reads the intro to resurrection posts like these in the SpongeBob narrator voice…


They look like 6 inch wheels.