pic: 9 Ringer's Scored at NYC Regional by Team 56

This is a pic I took of Team 56 with my cell, going 3 on 1, scoring 9 ringers.

why are the ringers orange??

they arent, its just how they appear with the lights shining on/through them

Is there a video of this anywhere?

They are probably red, but either of a bad camera adjustment or the light reflection on it is making it look orange. I see a blue ringer somehow made it in on the bottom row.


Looks like a nice quick drive train and an efficient ringer-picker-upper :slight_smile: .

Were there 6 teams out there?

That is a really nice robot!

56 was by themselves, and from what I can remember all three of the other robots were on the field.

the match was 3 on 1, 56 by themselves and the managed to win 136 to 4! i just had to take a pic. and about the orange ringers, honestly i believe they were. i was volunteering for like everything lol and when i was filling up tubes it occurred to me they weren’t red, but an orangish color. XD FIRST ordered the wrong color

Oh yeah, I remember that game when I was driving 1v2 actually. We scored all our tubes and we had 30 sec left, so I started doing 360s in the home zone.

Here is the Video

that is very impressive! 9!
BUT, was defense illegal or something. Where the heck was it?