pic: 900 Teaser

People keep PMing me and asking me what we’re up to… I’m cautiously optimistic these will end up in use this season. We still have a long way to go though.

Oh Hey! I’m totally “POWER(ed) UP” to see how these turn out!
When can we buy some?:]

Is this a custom LIDAR board? This is going to be interesting.

Edit: Those wire colors… Custom CAN LIDAR BOARD? :ahh:

That doesn’t look like a second robot to me…

Oh cool, the parts for the MagLev system powered on.

How astute.

As someone who knows that it is - I think folks are going to be shocked.

Cool, excited to see this in action!

two questions:

  1. is that a climber?

  2. is it going to be attached to a bot at your first competition?

Nah, probably about 10 minutes before the Einstein round-robin matches knowing them.


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Unlikely, but if it’s not it will likely be stored in a hatchback with a team blanket partially over it just outside the venue.

We don’t have team blankets. Odd statement though.
For the record: that was intended for COTS only but yeah I get it. It looked bad. I really try to follow the rules, Andrew.

Well, you should get them. Branding is important.

I’m surprised Marshall didn’t do black boards with white silkscreen just to zebra the PCBs.

Wait, hold on. We have team blankets? Why was I not informed?

Google says those are I2C chips. My bet is those are piezo buzzers!

Very interested to hear what you put into Google for it to identify a custom PCB with the relevant labels blurred out

Probably “LTGSV” or “LTGSV Linear Technologies”