pic: 93 is capped

During their final match at IRI, 93 was accidently capped by one of their opponents, team 571.

uhhhhh…It really wasn’t accidental…

I think I’ll second that.

571 picked up a doubler ball shortly after autonomous mode and went flying across the field with it and put it up over 93’s basket, the only thing that could have been accidental is them dropping it in, ive seen people just hold it over, and others drop it in…

So the question is, was that ball going to be just held over and let the balls bounce off the doubler or did you intend to drop it in? Either way it was really cool and got the crowd into it really early.

What also made that match great was 571 was all over the field, they corralled and capped their goal, yet had time to go over to the other side of the field and remove their opponents capped ball while wildstang was trying to hang.

Awesome match by 571

I was intending to just hold it over, but apparently our operator thought he was supposed to cap it (and since he was the one controlling the arm, cap them he did). It was basically the only way to stop 93 from completely dominating us without doing anything illegal.

I remember something very similar to it up in Ypsilanti. Team 1243 (from Canada) had their basket open and 280 dropped a 2x ball into it. There was no question on whether that was accidental (It definitely was…NOT!) but on the strategic intelligence and thinking on your feet required to do that. The whole audience erupted (I can say that I laughed, although sadly at the expense of some kind Canadian students and their team) and that was the only strategic play of 2004 that I vividly remember.

actually, it was HOT team that capped the canadian team… until that time, that huge basket was just dominating the small balls… too bad that match was on the last day… if only we had thought of that strategy earlier on…

shrug I was told by a member of 571 that they just meant to hold it above 93 to freak them out a little, and then were going to use the doubler - so they were upset when the thing actually dropped, because it was useless to them afterwards.

Ah well, 93 still was able to collecting and retrieve balls, even when capped.

Definitely a classic match!

I couldn’t believe that 571 could uncap their opponents so quickly. The fact that they had already capped 93, herded balls and also managed to cap their own goal made that match a virtuoso performance.

Congratulations on a great job.

It was actually Team 1241 - Theory 6.