pic: 930 Mystery Teaser

This is one of the motors that will be used on our robot.
Have fun thinking about it

it is possible that you found a way to shift the FP tranny? i think that would be something i would really like to see.

also i really must complement you on your output modification, it seems to be a very good solution…

I’d be willing to bet money that the servo controls a break for the motor, and isn’t a shifter. With that break so high in the gearbox(the motor pinion), it wouldn’t require much force to stop it from turning. Its probably an anti-back drive mechanism for an arm. Very simple and lightweight I might add.

nice catch…now that you say that i would have to agree with you on your observation…i would just be interested in how it works because most breaks for the FP are on the output of the gearbox not on the motor it self