pic: 932 Robot base

80-20 and spraypainted cardboard oh yeah baby!
vid of shooter soon to come

tell me what u think

Isn’t the 1020 over kill? It doesnt seem to be bearing an extremely large weight load. I think 1010 would be sufficient and significantly less in weight. We’ve used 1010 before and its has never bent…even with holes drilled in it…while a 3/8" alluminum plate showed signs of bending. Just a thought, but let use know how well that works out :slight_smile:

yeah we have been dealing with weight issues with all that we have planned to go on the robot but those 80-20 uprights and frame are what we had just lying around so we used it, i think that we may go with single wide pieces later on to further reduce weight. i will post a pic/video later with what we have planned to go on top. ty for the suggestion :slight_smile:

Understandable, we scavenge what we can. If you can’t get any of the 1010 series, you can swiss cheese the 1020 like we did to our forklift last year :slight_smile:

we plan to lol