pic: 935 Teaser

Team 935 TRACK DRIVE. Week 2

Check out week 1 Progress.:yikes: :smiley: CAD and Prototypes

Looks good. where did you get the belt? ?

A game built for track drives. You guys were definitely at an unfair advantage this year!

Beautiful machine work like always.



Very nice. How are you going to power the tank drive?

If you notice the Gear is bolted to the rear drive wheel. We are making custom gearbox mounts in house that mount two CIM that drive it at 10 ftps.:yikes:

Will you have some way to tension the tracks so they do not slip on the rear driving wheel? Will there be more structure that slips into the two vertical slots on each side? Please post more photos as your build progresses. You have a very interesting design and the workmanship looks great.

Yes, we will tension the belts with a tensioner. The slots are for bumpers that slide in from the top. We will post more next week.

Here is our progress for first day assembly::https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7OLUi18QIwqVFJoRENXQzNlVkErtm:: ::rtm::

Actually the slots are for our bumpers. They slide in from the top for quick change out.