pic: 967 Driver's Station

This is our new driver’s station that we built for the coming season We are able to carry it like a briefcase. It has a Ethernet jack on the outside so it isn’t a hassle to set up. It has RGB LED’s on it for that extra flair. Happy to answer any questions!

That looks really clean yet cool. Do you have any padding for the laptop in there? I can’t even count the number of times a robot hit our driver station, causing us to lose communications for half the match due to the shock the laptop took.

Also, what materials did you use, specifically for the top faceplate?

The laptop is just held on to the base plate by industrial velcro. We had a few times last year where our driver’s station got knocked off of the shelf but never lost communication. Otherwise I believe it has enough space around it to shift if such an extreme impact occurs.
The base is made of angle aluminum with aluminum stand offs holding the Sintra face plate on that we CNC routed out.

Cool looking picture. Do I see a blog post for the team’s website in your future?

Here is said blog post on our weekly updated blog: http://lmrobotics.com/category/967buildblog/

Took you long enough. :wink:

Love the look and LEDs. I just hope when guys stop using the Classmate as your DS you can slide a bigger laptop into the space without a major redesign.

We have used a 17 inch hp laptop as our driver’s station for the past 4 years. This classmate is temporary until we get an 11 inch laptop or the new classmate which is sapposed to be a significant improvement from previous models.