pic: 968/254 Transmission

968 and 254’s amazing 1.3 lb drive transmission. This poster was in 968’s pit at San Diego and 254’s pit at Las Vegas.

If you view it full size, you can read all the text.

More discussion about the transmission is here: pic: 254/968 Transmission - CD-Media: Photos - Chief Delphi

That’s actually a really slick and professional display. As to be expected when dealing with Poof/RAWC. Kudos for that (and the whole transmission thing).

Most credit should be thrown towards Travis Covington and Kirk Oden. They were the ones who did most of the work on cutting the weight down.

If you have any questions, we’d be more than happy to answer

I was fortunate enough to have Travis give me a detailed explaination of the transmission and was also fortunate enough to get a great pic of it… Impressive work!

You should also see them in action!