pic: 968 - A few unfinished parts

This is all we have so far… interesting, huh? Any guesses?

Sorry if I bore you. :wink:

These aren’t for CVTs, are they?

those looks like rollers for polycord or something…powered assist ramp? (think conveyor belt)

This one really baffles me… Even if you were collaberating that is a lot…

They’re probably wheels, (my guess is 4") and you’re using a new tread material this year.

thats a lot of bling!

Then where are the hex bores?

Probably pulleys or something for an arm? or an elevator lift?

Note title of the picture: A few unfinished parts

Then they’re changing up their drivetrain and going with some bigger hexes for their wheel, since the bores look as if they’re 1/2" in diameter at least.

You’re right on the wheels, but these aren’t them :wink:

NO way I’ll figure out what these are… I’m blinded by the sum, and can’t see them apart.


Pulleys to drive an elevator arm? (Forklift style)

woah, no delete button.

A few hints…

#1 They are 7075 aluminum.
#2 They will be hex broached, but that will NOT make them finished.

My money’s on Drive Sprockets for #25 chain. The double ones are for the center wheel, and the single ones are for the front and back wheels.

I think the little ones with the rounded edges are the shooter, they fire balls into the goal, and I think the pulley’s are for bring the balls to the shooter, with polycord and maybe some of that high traction stuff IFI uses :ahh:

Err dude, that was last year =P

Yah … this year is the one with the innertubes and the “rack”.

Parts of a pulley system that will manipulate your tubes?

Half of those look an awful lot like our hubs for the KoP AndyMark wheels, and the other half look like pulleys, though they seem small for that application.
Whatever they are, they sure are shiny.