pic: 968 about to rampcamp


I’m not entirely sure why, but 968 would climb the ramp backwards when they went to rampcamp. Obviously, they were on the way up in this picture.

Johnny 5 is one sexy bot. :smiley:

Billfred, they go up backwards because it’s faster to go that way rather than forward.

Right. Their battery and shooter assembly are towards the back, so their momentum pushes them onto the ramp when they go up backwards, instead of flipping.

Both robots can go up forward without tipping. The real reason we go up backwards is because when driving up forward when the robot reaches the top of the incline, it tends to shimmy back and forth and lose traction for a couple seconds until it finally hauls itself over.

Going up backwards is a much smoother/quicker process.

i remember that, it was a great match. i had a ton of fun and watching that was awesome, espacially from the side lines, up close and personal. hope to see all of you next year.

It was great to be a driver for the finals too, probably the most intense match that I have ever seen, let alone been in. Quite an awesome experience. Looking forward to this year’s competetion and playing with and against 968 again.