pic: 97: Week 4

Some video:

I spy a pipe bender in the background. wonder what that could be used for?

I can tell that there is a lot of testing going on with that elevator. :wink:

“Then it wouldn’t have survived anyways…”

Arefin posts the inside joke, so that I have to post the story:

The HS students built a winch for the forklift out of a 6" McMaster shipping tube, wooden end caps, and two FP gearboxes. They were worried because they thought a winch made solely from plastic, cardboard, and wood would break easily. So I told them to get me a piece of rope they didn’t care about. I threw it over a tie-rod bar in the ceiling, wrapped it around the winch four times and taped it to the cardboard, then clipped the FP leads to the battery (bad practice…use fuses!). The forklift was off at the time, but the whole 45 lb. chassis winched itself to the ceiling. They were like, “I can’t believe you just did that. What if it broke?” And my response was, “Well, then it wouldn’t have survived anyways.”

why so much ground clearance? It seems like most teams are going as low as possible but you seem to be doing the opposite

That is an amazing story… Good Luck

You wasted my t-shirts covering the windows?!??!?! :ahh:

Why not use the old ones we had covering them before?

:stuck_out_tongue: Although if you have any of the extra 07 shirts I’ll take a few. My 4 aren’t enough.

(I was on 97 last year, then all 4 of the Waylanders on 97 left to start 2349. I designed those shirts, with a bit of help from ZZ.)