pic: 971 and 3250 scale at Chezy Champs

Saw the photo of 4’s scale and it reminded me to post this photo I took at Chezy Champs. Pictured is a double scale by teams 971 3250, with team 972 on the batter.

Isn’t 3250 not legally scaled?

A ROBOT has SCALED the TOWER if, at the conclusion of the MATCH, the ROBOT:
A. is in contact with a unique RUNG, and
B. has all of its BUMPERS fully above the height of the low GOALS.

like don’t get me wrong I know the angle can be playing tricks but to me it seems REALLY obvious that the far side of the robot is not above the low goal line.

I’m almost certain that it’s the angle here, given that they got 30 scale points during this match.

I could easily see them having a legit scale with this angle.

They’re far more angled when they start to hang

It’s hard to say for sure from video w/o measuring, but it does look like more than 15" extension.

Parallax is evil.

After 2 regionals we have received many questions on our climb. At one point a ref went on the field with a measuring tape and deemed the climb legal. Our team has no intention of playing illegally.

The referee team at Chezy Champs was very thorough about checking captures and scales, and paying attention to the perimeter extension limits. If it was scored as a legal climb (this was), that’s good enough for me.