pic: 973 2018

During the robot review, it had a different kind of intake with a double elevator. Now this picture is showing it similar to 254’s. Why the switch, benefits?

Their intake wasn’t greyt enough

I believe 973 actually ran 3 different intakes across San Fransisco, Silicon Valley, and Houston. I’m fairly certain this picture is of their robot at Silicon Valley, so Intake v2.

Their initial design include the intake as part of the lower frame, while the elevator carriage gripped the cube. This is the design in thier reveal video. This design also included a pneumatic kicker on the carriage to launch cubes a few inches. Someone from 973 can chime in, but they probably found that doing the hand-off between a chassis mounted intake and the carriage gripper took longer, was more prone to cube drops, and was worse at placing cubes when compared to robots with intakes mounted on the carriage.

For Silicon Valley, they got rid of the chassis mounted intake, and changed their carriage to have a wrist arm w/ wheeled intake.

For Houston Champs they ran a 254 style intake, aka intake v3. I’m unsure as to why this change was made. Again, someone from 973 can elaborate, however from watching 254, 1323, 1678, and 973 (all of who ran variations of the same intake), this style intake seemed better at drawing in cubes that were against the wall of the switch or the side of the field. Additionally, I believe 254’s intake included extra pnuematics for clamping the cube, which would mitigate cube drops, although I’m unsure if 973 implemented that feature.

Always be iterating. SFR: good, not greyt. SVR: still good, definitely not greyt. Time to roll another update to a proven design…

I’m sure there was solid technical justification, I can think of a couple points and could make something up but I’d rather wait for someone from 973 to answer.

The move from “handoff” to “single carriage” between SF & SV was a big bet, the kind that separates “greyt” teams from just “good” ones. Hats off to the technical side at 973 for pulling off the architecture change midseason.

The 1323 intake style got adopted a lot over the off-season. It became a running joke at Chezy Champs this year when there would be six 1323 intakes on the field at one time.