pic: 973 arm minus grabber

Lucy and Adam proudly modeling our arm. Please compliment Lucy.

This is the “regional winner” you’ve been bragging about Adam? I’m hardly impressed XD You’d better slap on a nice manipulator or we’re not friends anymore.

also, good job Lucy

Oh, a manipulator is coming…

And thanks to 294 for machining the lower arm parts, It helped a lot.

Also, I have never bragged about this being a regional winner; we’ll find out at the regionals.

Is there a lower joint?

Manipulators win regionals. Arms and drivetrains get manipulators where they need to go…

No lower joint; 330 style single all the way. Also, yes we do have a drivetrain. Classic West coast drive at 6/16 fps with AM supershifters.

Looks pretty simple and solid. Well done Lucy. Is there any counter-balancing planned?

do you think it will be strong enough to pick up a 7 pound ball?? and where do you plan to put this arm on your bot? its nice and simple though!!! nice job

Looks similar to what we are trying to do. Is the arm staying that length?
We had issues with starting configuration after putting “hands” on the end.:confused:
The height looks consistant with 60" total allowed. Good job so far.
Can’t wait to see the grabber.

I can tell you haven’t seen the inspiration for this…Or were you at Sacramento, L.A., or Championships '05? Those tetras were heavier than the balls are this year. There wasn’t any counterbalancing then on 330. (And 330 used a modified West Coast drive.)

I wouldn’t worry too much about the balancing or the trackball weight.

I was on a team in '05, but I only attended SVR. So no, I nver got the chance to see the Beachbots '05 arm.

that is amazing we did some thing close to that last year and it did pretty good.