pic: 973 Not Ready Yet

973’s robot Thursday morning at the LA regional. They did a LOT of work to make it to the playing field Friday, let alone to winning the regional with 207 and 2659! Great job!

This is in response to the previously posted picture


In our defense… Nothing was broken :cool:.

We were just cutting weight for the mods we made to our conveyors, and of course installing those modifications.

Is this the same drivetrain as 254/968? It looks quite similar except for being width oriented.

It is hard to believe how far our robot came after looking like this on Thursday. I remember people walking by and commenting about how it was just an empty box.

Well, we won’t have to redo all this work at Vegas (at least I hope we don’t Adam) so we’ll be able to make all our matches. I look forwards to seeing everyone there.

I’m impressed that you were able to get that much done so quickly. I remember my freshman year, we had to do a lot of work at the competition, too. Since we’ve been slightly more proactive…

Great work on winning the regional, too! Congrats!

The actual assembly from what you see only took 2-3 hours, what took FOREVER was putting all the 1" OD tubing inside of our pulleys. In hindsight we should’ve withheld them and done that at home. We spent most of Thursday screwing around with those.