pic: 973 Ready To Go

That is such a beautiful machine, very elegant in design. Adam, you and the gang have really outdone yourselves. Congratulations on the regional win. Wish LA was webcast. :frowning:

and the award for most polycord ever used on a robot goes too…lol

fixed :rolleyes:

Hey! Good job 973! You guys proved to be a great team and have a great robot. Congratulations on the win! I hope you guys do great in Atlanta!

I think the coolest robot action I saw was when 973 was dumping into a trailer, some moon rocks went in, some missed.

But here is the best part, the ones that missed were picked up by 973 while it was still dumping and ended up making it on the second try.

Now that is sweet!

I think the Wheaties might have had an impact on your success, 973 :rolleyes: Great, great, great robot! It was fun watching it pick up half the moon rocks on the field, chase down some random trailer and unload the whole thing.

Thanks for that box of Wheaties, too!

That is an EXTREMELY orange robot.

But it looks great!

Congrats on a great design and great regional.


what’s a good vertical spacing for the polycord, front to back? we’re redesigning our robot for a competition this fall and would like to change our ball lifter.

I’m unsure of what you mean by front to back. If you could be more specific, we’d love to help.

Just a few thoughts on what he means.

The distance horizontally between two cords on the same roller

The distance (diagonally) between the two rollers and their respective cords on the lifter

The distance vertically between the two sets of cord on the launcher / eject mechanism.

Looooove simple elegant designs… And along with my partiality with orange robots this is one of my favorites EVAR!!!

Heard about this robot in The New Cool. They called it scruffy?? Nah.

This picture brings back some memories :heart: