pic: 973 teaser #2

Can you say inspiration?

Also, before any one replies I would like to say if this teaser is not up to par with your personal standards of a teaser, don’t waste any of your precious time replying to the thread.

I personally think there are a lot of significant details about the robot that can be determined; but hey, some people seem to be amazing at finding the negatives in anything.

hmm assuming this is the same partish area as your other teaser then that would be a wheel…but i dont think its that. but why the wheel? and i assume your lifting the ball over? hence the big sprocket and arm or just using that as a bumping device

The other teaser is not the same part. However, together they are our manipulator.

Let’s just say I brought something from Southern California with me when I moved up North.

hmm did you bring back the beachbot style arm? and with a globe powering part of you manipulator im assuming rollers to grab it.

if that arms lifting the ball its gotta be beefy i got no size reference though…

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…:smiley:

I hope this is a viable manipulator arm, because it is what we are building as well. Does anyone see any issues with the van motor driving the arm?

Still don’t get the wheel part.:confused:

Yes, in this case it spells B-E-A-C-H-B-O-T :wink:

In 2005 we used a vad door motor and a winch to drive our arm and were able to lift 36 lbs with it no problem. The only issue was that it was rather slow after the reduction. You could use a smaller reduction to get more speed out of it.

I guess I can’t see the rest of your bot but if its what I think it is we just had to scrap a similar design because of rule R16, just a thought.

R16? No problem :cool:

looks like an almost exact silhouette of our 2007 robot!

and nothing at all like this year’s