pic: 973's 2011 Titan

My apologies for the lack of detail in this picture.

Drive: 6 wheel west coast 4in wheels 2in tread face 2 speed custom gearboxes 6 motors in drive (we removed the 775’s at champs)

Arm: 2 775’s through banebot’s planetarys and a custom gearbox for more reduction. 2 window motors driving the wrist a virtual four bar mechanism. 1 fisher price for the grabber and clamping motion driven by two pneumatic pistons.

Minibot Deployment: 27in V roller coaster style takeoff.

Won the Industrial Design award at San Diego and the Quality award at Long Beach. Galileo division champion and Einstein champion.

The deployment alone was a marvel to see. It had 3 free-moving directions (side to side and in) that meant perfect alignment every time. You could tell that many hours went into the deployment development.

I had the pleasure of inspecting 973 at Championship and the machine is a beauty. Kudos to the team for a great machine and some pretty awesome play in 2011.

I like it better in blue :wink:

Incredible bot. What was the reason for taking the 775’s out of the drivetrain?

We lost in the La semis due to a robot that was rebooting every time the drive ran.

We were never able to repeat the failure, but we can only assume it was from the 775 case shorts.

The additional power in drive was nice, and we accelerated much quicker, but it was designed to handle being run without them.

In hindsight, we’d do it again and just use 550s in their place.

973 experienced weird case short issues at LA. Adam can elaborate more.


Thoroughly off topic, but our whole team is a bit sad we never scored a tube in elims at champs. We were pretty much completely overlooked in our division as a scorer.

No hard feelings on our alliance though, they were both far superior scorers with amazing human players, and we had a great time playing defense. It was an interesting dynamic of playing defense exclusively, then doing the minibot. Having one of our two scorers not deploy the minibot gave us some unique strategy options as well, 111 would wait for teams coming to deploy and did a great job of defense in that last 20 seconds.

Same thing that happened to us in Florida. Oh well, just another obstacle for you guys to overcome :slight_smile:

This was one of my favourite robots at championships. What a great design! The elegance of the “virtual 4-bar” arm as you call it really impressed me. And such amazing build quality. Congrats on your well deserved win.

973 has been producing awesome designs and quality robots for several years now. Keep up the great work and congrats on your wins this year, especially that last one. Ya’ll had the best alliance and it showed.
mike d