pic: 98 Natls Bracket 1

Dug up by TechnoKats. 1/3

The long-awaited 98 Natls Bracket. The other page is in picture galleries.

It appears that Karthik owes Ms. Amy P. a Niagra FIRST polo shirt, as mentioned here.


Andy B.

It’s funny. Looking at this, you’d think that computers were just starting to catch on in 1998, which is not the case, but from this picture it would make you think so.

Not only a shirt, but I recall hearing “I want to marry you - these are so awesome”… something like that… :slight_smile:

I deny everything.

Okay, I can’t deny how awesome these are. I’ve been staring at them for most of the night.

Amy, you will be well outfitted in NiagaraFIRST.org apparel for these brackets. I’ve been looking for a complete one for over 7 years. I’m pretty sure I left mine in my hotel in Orlando.