pic: 980, 190 and 1011 at AZ

Thank you 980 and 190 for making a great alliance, we enjoyed every minute of our climb to the semifinals! Team 1011 wishes both of your teams the best of luck at your future competitions, we will be cheering for you even though we won’t be there :wink:

Cya next year :yikes:

You guys were great teams, it was nice seeing you guys for my first competition in FIRST. :yikes:

I enjoyed thinking about the match in AZ of our alliance (234, 60, 898) vs. your alliance (190, 980, 1011). :cool:

To bad we both got knocked out in the semifinals. :frowning:

I hope i see you guys next year or at nats. :smiley:

To team 190, your atonomous, and ball handling was unbelievable
To team 980, great autonomous modes, and all around great robot
to team 1011, you went out on a limb, and picked crab drive, and it worked great

you were all great teams, it was such a shame when you were knocked out.
hope to see you all again at nationals!

I too had hoped our alliances would go against each other :] that would’ve been awesome.

Good luck to all you guys with the rest of your season.

to 190-

hey remember us? glad you did so well in the AZ regional. hope to see you guys in Atlanta!

Thanks 980 and 1011. The alliance we made was great, and it was fun to be allied with both of you. Good job and I hope to see you guys at nationals.