Pic: 987 Goes Shopping

Local fundraiser with our friends albertsons.

It can be like Supermarket Sweep (for any of those who watched that show lol). We’ll get a few more robots and compete em in a shopping game :cool:

Very creative photo!!! Put a few tubes in there :wink:

Are Owe Tee Eff Ell Oh Ell!!!

That would be AWESOME… Maybe we should add this to the ‘You Design the Game’ thread…

I would totally want to see a Robo Supermarket Sweep (RSS for short…)


I can see it now, “Shop with the Bot.” Sell chances to be able to shop for a certain period of time with the robot and Albertsons donates the food collected to a shelter.

Loved the picture. MOEzilla was being driven out of the gym after a demonstration while the little kids were waiting for the gym teacher. You can imagine the looks of excitement from those 4 year old Montessori kids as the robot went by. Good recruiting for future Miracle Workerz.

Note: Our school has students from age 3 through 12th grade.

See… everyone (and everything) loves shopping at Albertsons!

Wow, that’s really funny. The other day I rearranged the robotics room, and when our mentor came back he was like, “What happened here?”. It was funny.

Yay for RSS!!! That would be one fun game… where the human player does something by riding in the kart. A game that involves the human player :smiley:

Cool! That’s a great pic. It’s a self-repairing robot, it just needs to buy the parts first… :slight_smile:

AHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Ask Art from your team about (video) of the team 228 VEX bot shopping at the Meriden Mall a few years back for new parts. lol

You mean the one discussed in this thread?

Hehe, that’s pretty cool! :cool: Only the FRC robot will go alot faster down the mall, and a little hard to maneuver if you are going full speed down the aisle… :ahh:

Especially if we shift into high gear at 14fps…

Great vex shopping video via previous link!

I love how you guys duck taped the banner to the window.

What’s wrong with that? Duct tape is the answer to everything in life, along with WD-40.
General rule of thumb:
“If it moves and it shouldn’t, use duct tape. If it should move and it doesn’t, use WD-40.”:slight_smile: