pic: 987 Highballers in Silicon Valley

Speed shot of Team 987 Highballers…our neighbors I believe in the Silicon Valley Regional

nice! must…have…video…

very scary, very nice robot

I’m likin 987’s new name :wink:

Either way that’s a sick looking bot.

The coolest part of this picture is that it’s looking directly at you.

I like the play off of the name HIGH ROLLERS and our team appreciates the compliments, there are a lot of man ours put into our machine and it is very gratifying to hear someone likes our work. I’ll see what we can do about posting a video.

p.s. : congrats to Teams 971,254 and 852 on there outstanding performance in San Jose this past weekend.

and to all those attending the Las Vegas regional we are looking forward to seeing how things unfold and hope everyone there has fun, see you there and good luck .

Is it just me, or does this machine remind anyone else of GlaDOS from Portal?

Highballers huh… Must have a pretty good human player :rolleyes: