pic: 987 moving fast

Team 987 moving fast during the Saturday qualifying rounds at IRI.

and 171 not moving very fast at all :frowning: I wish we didn’t tip so much at IRI. we never tippd at the WI regional or Championships but when we went to IRI we tipped several times.

Actually what you see there is an attempted backflip. It was a new ‘feature’ we put on the robot for IRI.

Wow nice picture! :slight_smile:

I like it, we should’ve tried it.

my computer just found a new wallpaper!!!

nice pic.
it was fitting that you and 330 were on the same team. Simple design concept, but very very effective with along with arguably the best drivers this season.

Thanks for the kind words, Glenn…a note to consider though…yes we have been proud of our driver the past two years but our driver here was a rookie and we are excited to have him for two more years.

Oh I love that… that’s exactly what off-season events are about. Non-serious competition that gives younger members a fantastic opportunity to get their hands dirty in the pit and some experience driving.

I think many in attendance would argue that IRI was far from non-serious :wink: