pic: 987 Teaser #2


You guys suck :smiley:

Looks good

Nice pneumatics panel. Very clean layout – it reminds me of an airplane cockpit or something. Do you have a manual release valve on it somewhere?

Hmm… something to look out for, it seems that knob there is the only regulator on the robot, with one gauge being for overall pressure and the second being for system. If that is the only regulator keep in mind that the one with the yellow fitting -must- be used as a second system regulator if it is used…

At least this is how it was for the past couple years, so you may want to look it up and switch that one out… before it’s too much of a hassle =)

Our manual release valve is tee’d off of our compressor


Very nice! I love the burnished look. Looks like you’re using different tread that previous years. Why the reason for the change (or are they not for the drivetrain?)