pic: 987 teaser


Something to look at, not done yet, team doesn't want to show everything yet until were done so you can see it in all its splendor :smiley:

I don’t want to be mean but do you guys have any traction? it doesn’t look like it. have you tried driving it cause it looks like if you push it you aren’t going to have anything to push back? Travis

Looks to me like they have two nice wheels that will give them some good traction. These appear to be custom jobs with aluminum rims and a molded blue urethane coating on the outside face of the wheel. These are not trivial wheels. My guess is that this urethane is somewhere between 40-60A durometer.

I want to be congratulatory and say that this are very nice wheels and it does look like you have good pushing force.

Andy B.

Are you kidding Travis? Looks to me like it is 4WD powered by two CIM motors thru some SWEEET AndyMark (?) two-speed gearboxes. I would bet it has plenty of traction.

I hope the rear wheels are omni wheels so you will be able to turn easily.

And my guess is that Andy has some inside information … :yikes:

No, Stu… look closer. No AndyMark stuff here. This is all their own.

They are using the kit gearbox, going into their own custom gearbox with their own shifter. Those side plates to their gearbox are machined aluminum. With custom wheels and a custum dual-speed shifter on either side of their robot, these guys have an excellent setup. This is a design to look forward to at the Vegas Regional.


Yeah lol, we have enough traction, thats one of our main goals every year. It can push me and another mentor in school chairs on carpet (thats about 400lbs in an unideal situation). Those transmissions are the stock ones cascaded with some we made, I’m not sure of their origin :smiley:

on the left of your battery and compressor, seems like a hook? are you planning to drag tetras?

Oops … I guess that shows how closely I have been examining the A/M products … :o

Great looking base guys (and girls?) …


Looks great!!..
The wiring scares me a bit, though :ahh: …I’d suggest a nice clean up…but apart from that, well done!

Those wheels are pretty tractionish. We are using the 4 inch wide version of these wheels and they grip very well.

They are 76 shore A durometer.

Yeah we hope to pretty that up a bit, but if we don’t it won’t hurt our functionality :smiley: Just got back from testing everything. Works great, a few little kinks of course but we’ll have those hammered out hopefully by Saturday. I’ll try and get some pics of the finished product after our “lexan guy” makes our shell. He is a student’s dad who makes signs for Las Vegas Casinos, so it could be very interesting :smiley: