pic: 987 Teaser

The only teaser from 987 this year…

Ummm… I got it! It’s a robot, isn’t it?

I wish you guys were coming to SVR again this year.

For the inevitable moment when the numbering on 177’s bumpers fails…How did you guys get those logos on there? It doesn’t look like stitching, clearly is not vinyl or a spray paint mask, so I am puzzled. Also, is the 987 merely fabric paint? Or is that something else that I am not recognizing?

I know for our bumpers were using a vinyl that is cut (print) out and then ironed on to the bumper fabric. It looks almost identical to that (however they have a lot of different colors)

Vinyl cutting like, http://easycut.sulekha.com/content/blogs/img/rs360c.jpg, or something else? If it is like that, then we’ve had it sitting in our shop all along…