Pic: 987 With Elvis at 2009 Las Vegas Regional

A team member with Elvis.

There might be team members violating safety rules, but at least the King has his glasses on!

Hey I saw that in real life!

(gotta be careful when you take pictures in the pits, make sure you get the non-safe people off to the side where you can crop them out of the picture)

The guy in the back is wearing safety glasses, they’re just oddly transparent. Look just to the right of his eye and you’ll see the glare off the hinge.

right you are! you have to click on the image and get the full size version to see them clearly…

sorry bout that

Glasses yes, but are they safety glasses? Remember, normal glasses do not count as safety glasses.

Unless this is Zombie Elvis I think he is violating safety rules. Just saying, he may be the King of rock and roll (or something like that, Elvis is before my time) but I’d prefer not to have him be a blind king.

Is it just me, or does he look more like Roy Orbison dressed as Elvis?