pic: 987's Early Christmas present 1

1 ton Lathe. Just in time for the build.

I am soo Jealous!!!

Very cool though.

w00+ now you can build even better robots…watch out! Is this fully manual, or does it have auto-feeds?

Yes, very jealous. But nice!

Make sure you take CARE of it. Learn what that means, then do it. No job is over, nobody quits, until the machine is cleaned, maintained, and all the tools are away.

Buy some cloth to cover it when it is not in use.


It’s not an 90 year old Bridgeport, but it will do the job.


I’m pretty sure it has the auto-feeds. That table under the control knobs tells you how to set the feeds, and the levers on the carriage would activate them. I’ve seen (and operated) older lathes that had auto-feeds.

I have one of those (at school) and I love it. Call me crazy, but there’s something soothing about long hours in front of a lathe making custom hubs…
Enjoy, and see you guys in Vegas!

You’ve got a very good Santa :D!

Your team has truly earned the good fortune you’re now receiving…

Good luck in 2008 and see you in San Diego!


Very nice guys.

Pardon me while I go wipe my mouth from all the drool. :smiley:

WOW! Was this for your team exclusively, or did the teched department have money lying around?

Nice! Let us know how it runs for you!

we already have two.

Yes, it’s exclusively for the use of our team. It’s actually locked up so that people from classes like autoshop can’t mess with it (it’s in the auto room). We bought both the CNC Jr. and the lathe with a grant we were awarded.