pic: 987's Early Christmas present 2

Table Top Mill. Ready for the build.

How much did it cost?!


Even more jealous…

Nice. Again, take good care of it.


hooray for new machines!

Is that the “CNC Jr.” model? Please tell us all the specs and how you like it so far.


Very nice guys.

mmmmm…new machines :yikes:

i <3 robot santa:D

That was the same X-Mas gift we got last year. CNC, Jr by CNCMasters. Make sure you isolate the power to the driver board, we fried one at the beginning of week 3 last year when we ran to many machines off the same circuit and tripped the breaker, then when the power was restored it fried one of the control boards. CNCMasters was very responsive and we sent it to them on a Friday and had it back the following Friday. They charged us $100 for the fix. Have fun with it!

We currently have 2 CNC juniors sitting in our metal shop. And i am the only one who’s used one of them in the year one of thems been there. we recently got another one. I have to say the software that runs these guys isn’t the best

I second that!