pic: 987's New Crate

New paint job w/ Las Vegas Skyline all the way around.

very nice…like the color a lot!!
Best of luck this season!
Alicia Albrecht
Electrical Subteam
The Robettes 2177

Looks pretty cool. Doesn’t look like your normal Maroon though :wink:

I like the new crate. The simple design looks really crisp, and the numbers really stand out. :cool:

Nice work… the special color should make spotting your box easy.
Best of luck to yous.

-p :cool:

im a little more interested at what you guys are going to be putting IN that crate ;)…

Looks familiar.
Stratosphere to Eiffel Tower. Been up there many of times…:stuck_out_tongue:

Color is not normal maroon…a bit too much “pink” I think…(jk). On a side note,
we sure are interested to see what the east/west NASA tandem has cooked up this season. Sure is hard not to revert back to the tried and true of 06, huh? Or???

It might be a personal bias, but I think our Weighted Companion Cube box still beats that.

Nice looking crate, none-the-less.

I wish our crate looked this nice, black with 1458 spray painted on each side :rolleyes:

spraypaint is most def ligit in a situation of painting the crate…unless you have the saturday before you ship and you are there until midnight and the electrical board is finished and then you can get all fancy (haha robettes last year)

keep this baby away from the field, total bot magnet (as long as they’ve got cameras)!

ps: I know they generally store the carts in back rooms, but just pointing it out

haha clearly this has started a trend now all the boys are going to paint their crates that dazzling pink…dont even lie guys