pic: 997 Scoring in Auto

997 Scoring in auto during one of Saturdays qualifying rounds.

Looking good! I much enjoyed watched you guys go to work on the webcast. SVR is going to be fun with the Tracks!

Did you guys have any problems with them at all, or were they as bullet proof as always?

You should see the video from one of the Peachtree finals.

During autonomous, our bot scored a goal from the center zone, moved out of the way, then the bot behind us scored a goal from the far zone, then the front bot scored a goal.

Complimenting autonomouses ftw!

Craig, as usual they were pretty bullet proof, pushed hard in low gear and were zippy fast in hi gear. People didn’t expect that kind of speed. Good luck at SVR! I’ll be keeping track of it as I can!

Our autonomous was made to get out of the way after we scored, it worked well for us, and im glad it worked out for you also. :slight_smile: