pic: 997's 2018 Gearboxes

We haven’t posted the CAD for our 2018 robot yet but when we do ill post it in the comments

Very pretty. What do the specs look like? Do I have to count teeth to figure out the ratios? :smiley: How much goes it weigh? Were you happy with its performance and reliability?

Looks great! Did you ever have issues with double loading on the center CIM pinion?

The Gearing is 11:40 24:42 so its geared about 12ft per second and i don’t know the exact weight but sld works says its about 10 pounds as for performance we never got to actually use them well as our driver requested that we limit the current to like 50% or something and the only reliability problem we had was on our practice bot because we forgot to grease them so we stripped some gears

Not that I know of but we never pushed it vary hard.

We ran a nearly identical gearbox setup this year and had no issues either. Granted, this game wasn’t as prone to high speed collisions as last year, but we got into a few shoving matches near the switch and had no problems.

Here is the link to the CAD post