pic: A back to basics 229 teaser

A blast from the (not to distant) past teaser from team 229…

cough IFI traction wheels? cough

Yeah, but there’s 8 of them.

We also bought eight, but we use six for drive and have two backups. Might be that, or they have some crazy eight-wheel drive, or they use the extra wheels to manipulate tubes / raise bots :stuck_out_tongue:

Check the drive on division by chicken…

Hmm…I was just staring at those over in the highbay…Oh the secrets these walls could tell…Or strategy!!!

I imagine this is just a continuation of their 8WD last year using the newer IFI wheel design. Should be nice and maneuverable, as well as high traction.

How about an 8-wheel track system.

Take a close look. They had a 8wd last year. =)

What No anodizing? You guys must be keeping the real good stuff hidden


What could we ever do with 8 wheels. Hmmm. Is it possible to build a robot with eight wheels. I dont know. Well you will all find out in Rochester.:smiley: :yikes:

Custom tread design this year perhaps?

I missed those, I must not have been looking hard enough.

Are you guys trying some crazy eight wheel stuff? I’ll have to peek in next time I’m in the highbay…

You wouldnt be spying on us in highbay would you? Maybe what you see is just a decoy robot built to fool you all. LOL

Spying? Not at all, we’re in there building a baja car…with the new…digital camera welding equipment…shifty eyes

Seriously though, I didn’t quite catch those wheels being used, any chance of us finding out what they’re for?