pic: A Better View of Racky With All Cylinders in Stowed Position

A better view of Racky, minus bumpers. And the black netting has to be secured in front. All of the cylinders are in stored position (i.e. detached, ziptied).

I do not understand how that crate complies with the rule spelled out in section 4.2 of the Robot Transportation manual. The batteries are not properly packaged.

This brings up a question that I have at every competition.
How may teams remove the cables from their batteries during shipment?

The way I read the rules about shipping the batteries in the crate, I believe that you must remove the cables from the batteries, what do you think?

Oh, I like your robot, any plans for bumpers?

Bumpers will go on, and that is not the final packaging of the batteries. They have been shipped in their original packaging.