pic: A Brief History of Team 188

Team 188’s uniforms from 1997 to 1999.

From top to bottom

1997: last year in Canada FIRST - Team Name: Woburn Celestial Beings - Robot Name: Mayhem

1998: first year in US FIRST - Team Name: Team Canada Robotics (1st Canadian Team to compete in US FIRST) - Robot Name: Chaos Squared

1998: jackets - perfect for the sweltering EPCOT Center weather - Full uniform includes tearaway pants and blue shorts, which are not shown

1998: hats

1999: second year in US First - Team Name: Woburn Robotics - Robot Name: Fury

Great pictures Shawn, I have all that stuff stashed away in my house somewhere. What you’re missing though, are the classic tear-away pants. There was nothing better than my prematch ritual of ripping the pants off, swirling them around my head and tossing them down to the crowd. Oh, to be in high school again…

I think it’s time to start a Team T-Shirt gallery in the gallery section of CD… lol
(Oh Brandon… where are you… lol)

Shawn–you do have the Fury pants and hat, don’t you? I know I have the hat still, but I hope that I destroyed the infernal pants long ago.