pic: A close up of the Jaguar

A close up of our attachment methods. All power connections are done through Anderson PowerPole connectors, and all the signal wire is through 9 and 25 pin D-sub connectors. This way, we can build some extra boards identical to the ones on the robot and swap them in and out extremely quickly. The best part - you don’t have to know where any of the wires go, because the connectors route them all for you!

Just a quick question, but should you really cover the fan on the speed controller with tape? I don’t know if its temporary, but i think that that could cause a problem.

The tape will be removed before operation. It’s a best practice to protect sensitive electronics, like the Jaguars, from metal shavings when you’re working on the robot. Since we’re still adding a few parts, doing some drilling and cutting, we didn’t want to risk a shaving shorting something inside and burning them out.

I think this violates the rule concerning wiring PWM and CAN at the same time. I believe it must be one or the other.

There are no wires going into the PWM port.