pic: A closup view of our prototype worm-crab drive system.

This was the first signs of life from our sworm drive. You can get a good look at the cabling as well as the window motor we used to turn it. We are looking at using a larger coupler on the turning motor next year so we can increase the rotational speed of the gearboxes.

how does it work? i like the simple design

I remember last year you had some killer swerve drive. Is this basically the same thing?

I believe the keyang is connected to the cables which rotate the wheel modules.

This is their 2007 bot. It works by a worm gear driving the wheels, with a cable-turning system. Quite the cool bot, I must say.


I like how you use a worm drive to power the wheels from CIMs


Glad to see this get brought back up.

Each gearbox has a vertical CIM motor with a worm on the end. It turns a spur gear that is connected to the output axle that the wheel is mounted on. The whole gearbox sits in a UHMW block that we added grooves to for cables to run through.

The UHMW blocks sit on a 1/4" thick aluminum plate attached to the frame. Each of these blocks are tied together using cable that is wound around another UHMW pully that is connected to the window motor.

When the window motor turns, so do the gearboxes. Here are some links to more pictures of this drive.


This is last years drive keep in mind. Not this years.

I’m impressed! Very nice design! Kudos! Wish I had thought of this one!