pic: A day in the life of a college mentor....


It was the last week of the build season, and myself, Conry (in the red hat), Kyle and Zach we’re starting to get a little goofy.

I did NOT teach him to stick his tongue out!!!:eek:

Nope College does that to us folks… :slight_smile:

P.S. Conry is just jealous he didn’t get a vest!

oh Conry, now I’ll have to bring this up at MORT’s end of season party at ur house.

i have no words

u had energy at end of build season?

lol, from every college student i know, at least 75% of them, I think college does more damage to you then make you better. Hmmm, I think we have to start a survey about this.

Kyle, Zach, myself and a bunch of the NUTRONS helped 5 teams build their robots that weekend, so we were pretty tired by the end. :ahh:

well i guess I can relate this as being a rookie, that was highly involved in Robotics and Wrestling at the same time (I even worked until 8, after a tough wrestling practice, on the robot on my Birthday.) I don’t doubt that things like this happen I think I drill right through a piece of angle and then drill right through our table from being so tired.

I will definatly second that lol!