pic: A good day's cheeseholing


viva la weight reduction!!

Weight reduction means you guys built something a little more interesting than a box with a big old sign on it… although it was a pretty nice box… :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to see you guys in Minnesota. I’ll be inspecting on Thursday and doing field reset on Friday and Saturday.

It looks like you put a robot through a paper shredder.

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I hope you recycle all that aluminum! :ahh:

How overweight were you? Do you make weight now? How many batteries did you go through?

…Is there anything left of your robot? :yikes:


Wow! And the last few years we have ADDED weight to the bot!:stuck_out_tongue:

this is actually from two 4’6" lengths of 3x1" tubing that are tiers on our bot. We did these week 3 I think on our big old mill.

We saved about 4 pounds. (there is a bunch of other stuff under the aluminum. there is only a 2 foot cake of it. Its kinda cool because it all sticks together!)

sigh we took apart the box for plywood, victors, and CIM’s

So, come Saturday before Shipday, we were 10 pounds overweight (and we thought we were keeping track very well!) so we ditched our 2 globe motor tranny for our manipulator, replaced it with a CIM from our Omniwheel drivetrain, and took a sawzall to all of the extra bolt ends.

We are now just barely making weight and use only 4 CIM’s on our bot.

our drivetrain has 5 omniwheels now and is essentially 4wd with omniwheels and an extra wheel to turn (turns almost as well as castor drive last year :P).

| … |

| _ |


p.s. I will get pictures up as soon as I can of the bot.

Here are the cheeseholes:

the long tiers on the left side of the bot.


So the claw follows that shape around… very interesting. I look forward to seeing it. What is the advantage of doing a rounded curve over a straight line/triangular shape?

Looks pretty effective though.

The advantage is that it goes from being parallel to the ground to being perpendicular to it without any jerks that could bump the ball off.

I am not sure if you say this sketch from the other picture thread:

Garage rails weigh a lot… hence those cheese holes (all those cheese holes make convenient places to put surgical tubing!)

EDIT: Also, it was much easier to make one weld in the garage rail than to cut carefully, measure perfectly and make multiple. The rollers slide better on the preformed shape too.

This design looks VERY similar to the way 1075 launches. We have a system that looks a bit like this:

| \
|  \
|   |

and the carriage runs up it a bit like a roller coaster. Its all custom though, no garage rails here.

that looks like you had fun with:D