pic: a great addicition

This is the Moutian Dew drank by ONE person the last weekend of the build season.

Anyone else have a powerful urge to knock that down?

Its surprising how many soft drinks can be consumed in the build season. :stuck_out_tongue:


I like the “1675” that is thrown in there. Good work.

You know, that picture would make an effective and interesting test for colorblindness.

fun fact of the day!

in sign language, the sign for mountain dew is holding a typical gun sign up to your head and “pulling” the trigger twice. It’s supposed to indicate the huge amount of caffeine.

No joke.

i spy two cans backwards!! and the “1675” out of the live wire and code red cans!:smiley:


is anyone familiar w/ “Cangineering” in National Engineer’s Week…I believe that’s most likely where they got their inspiration from…

That much Dew would contain over half the lethal dosage of caffiene, taken all at once.

If my calculations are correct, It also contains as much energy as almost 90 of the kit batteries.

165 Calories/can * 96 cans = 15840 Calories =~ 66 Megajoules
17 Amp hours * 12 V =~ 734 kilojoules

Ya I’m partially colorblind and I don’t see it. :confused: I had to look at each can individually.:stuck_out_tongue:
Oh ya… LOVE Mountain Dew.

WOW, someone is hyper right now!
That’s quite some dew…

I don’t know what happened to all of our cans. We probably recycled them or they just went into the trash. There were many of them though. We didnt bother to count…We should have though.

If I added and everything correctly, he would have had to drink 2 can per hour. Not including sleeping.

oopsie, double-post

I don’t like resurrecting an old thread like this, but I thought I had to comment. I’m 1/4 colorblind, green/red in fact, so when I saw Cody Carey’s post, I thought there was something just written directly on the cans. I blew up the picture huge and couldn’t find anything. It wasn’t until a few posts down that I saw Gabe’s quote and realized what was going on. Looking real close I can see the numbers, if someone tells me what they are. But I just got played by a two year old post on Chief Delphi. That’s funny.

That was 90*150 calories that weekend or 13,500 calories of Pop (soda for those non Midwesterners). That’s impressive.

someone must of be full of energy i would die to have a mountain dew right now but im at school:confused:

I definitely think someone WAS NOT tired during build season

That is a lot of soda

It took me a while to see the 1675.

That would be better represented with a map of the US with each county sized proportionally to the number of people in it. A lot of HUGE counties have next to no people in them… Still, really interesting.

By the way, I call it soda. Apparently us Milwakee teams are supposed to call it that.