pic: A hanging mess!

Teams 213, 319, 138, and 40 all hanging in a jumbled mess!!! awesome!!!

Wow, that is very impressive. Awesome job in that match! I was hoping a group would be able to pull it off.

I heard one of the bots was touching the ground in that match…is this correct?

Also, there are some pics of 4 robots hanging at VCU here


that match was awesome…i think trinity(40) got on first, or it was 138…and then in the last like 30 seconds, everyone else was frantically trying to climb up. 319, is the craziest one that i saw, they hang upside down, and it was pretty comical. and it was a tie!

Thank you very much for posting this picture. It was surely a spectacular moment. I am not sure if it was this incident or another one involving team 40, but i believe that Dean Kamen went out on to the field to see if the robots were off the floor or not.

You should have heard the crowd though, it was amazing!!