pic: A little enthusiastic about the game that will never happen.

I know it will never happen, but the meme is the meme. If anyone wants to show their support for the game that is too impractical for FIRST to ever put on, I have this shirt over here: https://teespring.com/WattaGame
I’m definitely wearing this to kickoff next year. lol :wink:

Is there any profit associated with this, and if so, where’s it going? (Just curious, no problems if the answer is “My pocket”.)

Also I hope you atleast get stats for how successful the run was. I’m highly curious how many people will buy into it. Also, you should post this on the FRC reddit for maximum fun.

I threw it up on this site without much profit at all. I enjoy designing shirts for things, and this site (while more expensive then printing locally) does all the shipping and stuff for me, so it’s not a pain. Most of the time, I just design without ever doing anything with them, so I figured I’d post them here in case someone decided they felt like a Water Game shirt.

It should be a tank top

Or on a pair of swim trunks. Or an entire line of swimwear.

I have that capability lol (at least the tank top). I’ll have to throw it up on a different URL since the first one’s already started, but maybe… :wink:

And maybe I’ll find a place that will do Swim Trunks :wink:

Last year, we had Tote Goat.

This year, we had Moat Boat.

What’s the logical progression?
What rhymes with goat?


Boat rhymes with goat.

Water game 2017 conformed.