pic: A Mentor's Mentor

Mike Yan and myself, help found K-Botics team 2809 this year. We are both former 610 team leaders, and our success in the FIRST program has a lot to do with our former teacher and mentor Don Morrison. Don has been heavily involved with the FIRST program at Crescent and in Canada, he did a lot of work behind the scenes to establish robotics as a core part of our school, and helped establish FLL in Canada.

He is one of those mentors who stays out of the limelight most of the time, but his dedication to the FIRST program has a lot to do with 610’s success over its 10 year history, and deserves a WFA nomination one of these days (cough 610 students cough :p). It was great to be reunited at GTR this year, and getting a couple pictures with our rookie team and 610.