pic: a mom with too much time and dedication to FIRST


this is what happens when FIRST runs your life

and by the way it’s my life being run at the moment (aka my b-day)

I wish my mom would bake me a cake like that, it looks really good!!

and Happy B-Day :slight_smile:

OK, she gets my vote for “coolest mom of the year”!

Happy Birthday Brian… you’ve got a cool mom!

another RoboMom joins the ranks! (altho the tags in VA are already taken)
Happy Birthday!

:slight_smile: Looks like a nice cake.

Its so cool!

I wish somebody makes a b-cake for me 9 days later:rolleyes:

We will see:)

It looks so goodd btw:)

yeah, on my birthday this year… my parents came up to school and fed us gumbo! yay! (while we worked on the robot in the other room).
FIRST does run my life…