pic: A New England Tribute

Myself, Jess, and Timmy wearing our Moe Socks as a tribute to one of New England’s favorite mentors!

The story behind this picture…

Jess, Timmy, and I wanted to go to IRI as part of the New England invasion and send a tribute back home. The tribute is to one of the most passionate members of the New Engaland region…Moe from team 88. The socks we are wearing are Moe’s socks which he signed and gave to us. Moe, unfortunately, has been sidelined for a few competitions, and we have been wearing the socks at every competition since as a tribute.

We miss you Moe…and can’t wait to see ya back!

From all of us NERDS

Moe’s such a great guy, from the few times I’ve gotten to talk to him… I’ll have to remember to break out my moe gear @ the next competition I go to …

Yeah, I highly encourage all those who have Moe’s socks to wear them to competitions. Not just in tribute to Moe, but for all TJ² has brought to this wonderful program. They really are a model team who have done so much for FIRST.