pic: A pre-rookie team?

i could be wrong, but that looks a lot like 341’s 'bot.

You are exactly right, 341 lend them their second bot so they could compete at the Duel. Kudos to 341, 225 for supporting supporting pre-rookie teams, as well as teams lending robots to pre-rookie teams at other post-seasons.

I think they let a pre-rookie use their practice bot. They have in previous years as well (1712 used their bot for the 2005 Ramp Riot).

Lil’ Lavery is right, Miss Daisy has lent us a bot in 2005 for Triple Play, where we modified their 2003 bot to pick up tetras. The robot in the picture however is actually their “A” bot which the team used, and lent their “B” bot to a local are high school who will , correct me if i’m wrong, also be competing with it at Ramp Riot. 341 has been a great support system for us and is very good at helping start up new teams.

You are right Chuck, they are currently registered to use the bot again at ramp riot. They are from Episcopal Academy, which is only a few miles away from where our school is located.