pic: A_Reed WAI

Me and my somewhat famous Hawaiian associate at the Greater Pittsburgh Regional.

Are those safety glasses legal!

I’ve not seen anything since 2009(?) that suggests tinted lenses are illegal.

Do you think that maybe you just couldn’t see it through your tinted lenses?


I was being facetious. But It is in the Safety Manual still:

Wear ANSI-approved, UL Listed, or CSA rated non-shaded safety glasses. Lightly tinted Yellow, Rose, Blue, and Amber tints are FIRST approved, but reflective lenses are not (eyes must be clearly visible to others).

Safety Manual

I didn’t know that Hawaiian = Canadian. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, are we seriously calling people out on CD for what kind of safety glasses they wear?



It’s Chief Delphi man, the internet nit picking capital of the world.

nit-picking should be hyphenated.

Even worse, it’s CD… in the SUMMER.


Just playing off the pineapple left for you at the scorer’s table. :smiley:

What else do we have better to do than to nit-pick?